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 Tony was hired by me June 20, 2016 through November 23, 2016.   He delivered my 52' catamaran from Darwin, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii.   The season wasn't ideal as we were traveling late in the season.  Tony is a seasoned professional who knows how to sail and protect his crew on board.  I was scared out in the ocean as I'm a novice about boats.  Tony kept me feeling safe and calm for the time I traveled with him.  He traveled with my crew through many tough storms for weeks roughing it out to deliver my catamaran.  He learned all the details about operating and sailing my catamaran which had a lot of issues. When I hired him and checked his references, I read great things about his experience and they were all truthful. 

I would not hesitate to hire him.  Not only was he professional, but after this journey, I consider him a dear friend now as I got to know the honorable man that he is.   You can call me if you would like to discuss what I know about Tony more.  

808 773-3554. 


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